Công ty cường vinh

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 Cuong Vinh Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 specializing in manufacturing all kinds of electric motors and electric fan motors. Our top slogan” High quality electric motors to local and foreign customers”. For this mission, we invested in building a factory with 37,000 m2 in size, equipped with modern machinery to replace manual jobs to achieve industrialization. We have always researched to improve product quality according to international standards.

 Together with enhancing production capacity (currently over 10 million products each year) and operating ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, we always focus on quality improvement and prestige with customers in supply and after-sale service.

 Our products receive confidence from local and foreign customers. 

 In domestic market, we have supplied motors to well-known fan producers such as Bifan, My Phong, Senko, Lifan, Yanfan, Hoa Phuong, Tico, Phong Lan, 9199 ….

 In foreign market, our products are exported to over 10 countries.

  • Asia: Lao, Campuchia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Myanmar …

  • Africa: Nigeia, Egypt, Jordan…

  • America: Cuba, Brazil,…


 Currently, 65% of our products for export and 35% for local market, in which the trend of export is in the rapid growth.

 Our products not only guarantee stable quality under international standards but come in various designs as well, meeting every customer’s demands. We continuously improve in the direction of cooperation to develop the field of electric motor production such as motors for household fans, industrial fans, washing-machines and one-phase and three-phase motors with power from 10W to 750W (voltage 100V ~ 240V Frequency 50Hz or 60 Hz).

 Especially, we have more than 100 technicians and over 800 well-trained workers, mostly experienced seniors, frequently under successive training programs, and with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, assuring the increase of both quality and production capacity. Besides, our sales staff are always considerate towards the spirit ” Customer is everything “ , meeting customers’ satisfaction as the company’s guideline  


                              " QUALITY, PRESTIGE, COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT  "



Factory 1

Factory 2