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Industrial Motor



Industrial motor is a type of motor which is used for equipments like water pump, air compressor, generator, etc. Industrial motor can be a 1-phase or 3-phase electric motor. Similar to other types of electric motors, the structure of industrial motors also include core parts such as rotor, stator and cover. All the motors produced by Cuong Vinh are AC motors, so they will have the principle of operation under alternating current. Strengths of Cuong Vinh's industrial motors can serve for different kinds of industries and suit each customer's demand, particularly:

  • Manufacturing industry: motors used for massage machines, etc.
  • Processing industry: motors used for food dryer, ink dryer, coffee bean blower, etc.
  • Aquaculture industry: motors used for shrimp feeders, bird nests farming humidifier, etc.



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Industrial Motor

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